John Wick

John Wick, Pembunuh Bayaran dan Mafia Tampan

Jardani Jovonovich was born in the Belarussian capital of Minsk. Under The Director’s tutelage, he was transformed into a Ruska Roma orphan and transported to North America. He learned various martial arts techniques and briefly lived in a Mexican village that was blown up by Calamity’s men in retaliation for his theft. Jovonovich eventually adopted the romanised version of his birth name, “Johnathan Wick,” or “John Wick” for short.

Military Service Of John Wick

John has a tattoo on his back that reads Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat, implying that he worked in the US 3rd Marines, Marine Corps 2nd Battalion, , although this are yet to be verified. Given his deep knowledge of intelligence monitoring and ability to strategically organize things well, he was most definitely a Special Ops soldier.

A Hitman’s Career of John Wick

Years after leaving the Ruska Roma, John established himself as a skilled assassin, earning the moniker “The Boogeyman” for his unrivaled hyper-lethality. He became a member of the Continental, a hotel that caters solely to criminals. Within the criminal underworld, his reputation for unrivaled performance and dependability gained him great respect and fear, eventually turning him into a near-legendary figure, known to the leaders of nearly all criminal groups as someone who could never be crossed.

John later joined the Tarasov Mob, becoming one of the key executors of the Tarasov Mob’s chief, Viggo Tarasov, who admired and appreciated John’s exceptional abilities and once witnessed John kill three men in a bar with a single pencil. During this time, Wick formed relationships with a number of other criminals who worked for the High Table, the highest recognized force in the international criminal underworld, which is made up of representatives from each ruling mafia family. Ms. Perkins, Cassian, and Sofia Al-Azwar were among John’s many rivals, which is unsurprising considering his profession. During this time, he assisted Sofia in rescuing her daughter from the mob, and as a result, she gave him a blood oath marker as a token of her gratitude.

John also met and married Helen, a woman with whom he fell deeply in love. John made the decision to abandon the dangerous life of an assassin in order to be with her. When he confronted Viggo Tarasov about retirement, the latter reluctantly agreed to let him go on the condition that he complete a “impossible task”: kill every single one of Tarasov’s rivals in a single night, ensuring that none could mobilize and retaliate.

This mission was deemed too difficult for even John Wick to complete alone, so he enlisted the aid of Santino D’Antonio, the leader of an Italian syndicate, who offered additional manpower and equipment in return for John giving him a marker — a decision that would come back to haunt them both. Wick was released from Viggo’s service after completing the mission, and was free to live a peaceful life as a law-abiding citizen.

Helen died of cancer shortly before the events of John Wick, and John and Helen lived peacefully for five years.

John Wick is a character in the film John Wick

Following his wife’s death, John has stayed away from organized crime, preferring to spend his days driving his prized car and caring for his dog Daisy, who was left to him by Helen. When a brazen Russian gangster named Iosef (later revealed to be Viggo Tarasov’s son) wants to buy his car at a gas station, John refuses. Later, an enraged Iosef leads his gang in an attack on John’s home, where he fights the contract killer, murders Daisy, and steals his vehicle, knocking him out.

Viggo warns the protagonist that John is coming for vengeance and tries to persuade him to make peace with his son, but John refuses to listen, prompting him to send a group of assassins to kill his former associate. Wick pursues Iosef in a nightclub after killing both of them together in a vicious battle, however the security team of Viggo’s son keeps him from murdering the gangster. In order to shield his son from John’s wrath, Viggo dispatches multiple assassins, including Marcus and Ms. Perkins. However, both Iosef and Viggo, as well as Marcus (who was killed by Viggo for attempting to help John) and Ms. Perkins, die as a result of the fight (killed by Continental Hotel staff for violating their rules). Until returning home, John adopts a pit bull that is scheduled to be euthanized.